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Designing Your Impact

Leadership: Consciously designing the impact you have on others. Think for a moment about everyone in
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Leadership: Consciously designing the impact you have on others.
Think for a moment about everyone in your life. There are those closest to you - your family, the people you work with every day. There are also people who’s faces you recognize or maybe you even know their names - the barista at your favorite coffee shop, a neighbor or a receptionist. As you imagine these people, perhaps in concentric circles based on how much you interact with them, there is one more group: the people you don’t notice at all.
Most people in the tech community think of leadership as something that begins and ends at work. If we adopt this broader understanding of what leadership IS (or could be), there is a natural shift from seeing leadership as an action, behavior, something se DO. Instead we can see leadership as a way of being, something we ARE. While the two are absolutely linked (who I am drives what I do), this shift allows for a powerful and simple transformation.
What is the impact I want to have on others?

Is it the same for all groups?

What impact am I hoping to have at work this week?

Once we have answered these questions we can begin to reverse engineer these results.
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