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Leadership - Year End Review

Hello! 2018 is almost over. 2019 is ready for you. Transitions teach us much about ourselves. Do I
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2018 is almost over. 2019 is ready for you. Transitions teach us much about ourselves. Do I rush through them? Resist them? Do I ignore or minimize them? It is powerful to see how moving from one year to another echos the patterns we exhibit through all sorts of other transitions in life: career changes, relationship ending, re-orgs, fundraising, even how we move through a morning routine (or lack there of).
The way the holidays fall this year, there is a longer natural break from Monday-Friday routine than we have other years. This is an opportunity to reflect on what lessons have been learned and what milestones have been hit. While we can do this literally any day of the year, a natural transition has a way of brining heightened awareness to what has been.
Here is the reflection process I have gone through this year:
  • I wrote out the 12 months of the year [I am using OneNote on my iPad for most everything these days; in years past I would have used a hard copy journal for this]
  • With my calendar beside me (to jog my memory)…I went through each week/month and wrote down the stand-out experiences.
  • Once I had captured the most memorable events from each of the 12 months, I went back to highlight them with three different colors: (1) the peak moments (2) the low points (3) those that were particularly challenging/hard and well worth it for the learning
  • Then I captured some themes/key take aways
  • This naturally led me to some big questions about 2019 (about my intentions, what’s most important in life, etc.)…I have time set aside this week to answer these and continue the process of looking forward.
I cannot recommend highly enough taking yourself through some version of this process. If you manage a team of any size, you can take them through a similar process to gather the dormant wisdom of how to make 2019 the best it can be.

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